Refreshing Drifting in the Summer Heat

Hűsítő sodródás a nyári melegben
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We, the team of Kerry Alternative Language Center, regularly organize trips in Switzerland, about once a month, to which we warmly welcome everyone regardless of age, gender, spoken language, or Kerry learner status.

For the hot summer days, we have planned a water program.

In Basel, we will swim in the Rhine River and "drift" downstream with the current.

Date: August 27, 2023, Sunday

Meeting Point: At 11 a.m. in Basel, near the Rathaus end of the Mittlere Brücke (Middle Bridge).

The river current is not strong, allowing for a peaceful drift, but the water is deep. It is important to have water safety skills. Therefore, we kindly request that only good swimmers participate. You can bring a flotation device or something similar to lie on and let yourself be carried along.

We will carry our belongings in waterproof bags on the river. Once on the shore, we will walk back up and let the river take us further downstream. We can repeat this as many times as we wish. We will shape the program together, allowing for freedom of choice. You are welcome to bring food, but there are plenty of opportunities to sit down and order lunch on the riverbank.

If you arrive later, please inform us in advance, as we may not be able to hear the phone in the water. You can take a break whenever you like.

Hűsítő sodródás a nyári melegben
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