Recommended for completing 1 sub-level progression

3 Relax-Your-Mind Sessions, 8x120mins lesson with Kerry-Braintrainer, 9x60mins online lesson with teacher

Basic lessons for beginners

Knowledge assessment, learning material

Knowledge guarantee: extra lessons if needed

Duration: 3-6 months
(depend on individual learning pace)
from CHF 370/month



Recommended for completing 1 or 2 competence level(s)

 3 Relax-Your-Mind Sessions, 16 or 32x 120mins lesson with Kerry-Braintrainer, 18 or 36x 60mins online lesson with teacher

 Basic lessons for beginners

 Knowledge assessment, learning material

 Knowledge guarantee: extra lessons if needed

depend on individual learning pace
from CHF 317/month



Ideal for completing 3 full competence levels

3 Relax-Your-Mind Sessions, 48x120mins lesson with Kerry-Braintrainer, 54x60mins online lesson with teacher

 Basic lessons for beginners

 Knowledge assessment, learning material

 Knowledge guarantee: extra lessons if needed

depend on individual learning pace
from CHF 300/month

Each Kerry Competence level (e.g. A1, A2, B1, B2 etc.) consists of 2 sub-levels (e.g. A1 = A1.1 + A1.2). The exact duration of the language course is always determined together with our students according to their individual goals and capacity.

Decide when and how you want to learn, and we will adapt 100% to You!

Are you still unsure which package to choose from? Or do you want to improve your language skills on a specific topic? Browse our additional package offers:

1. Kerry Discovery – try out our method!

What does the package contain?

2x60mins Relax-Your-Mind sessions
3 online lessons with teacher
Learning materials

Duration: 1-2 weeks

Price: CHF 180 / one time fee

Our Discovery package cannot be combined with other discounts or promotions.


2. Kerry Complementary – Learn language by a selected topic

What does the package contain?

3 Relax-Your-Mind sessions (weekly)
4 online lessons weekly
Learning materials

Topics available:
– Grammar development
– “Dare to speak!”
– Improving daily conversations: introduction, interview etc.
– Exam preparation
– Business language

Duration: 4 weeks

Price: CHF 1600


Payment in installments is only available for our Basic packages. The price of Kerry Discovery and Complementary packages is to be paid in one lump sum.

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This method provided a very new and special experience for me and it was completely stress free. The whole Kerry experience provided a relaxed yet dynamic learning pace. I have an inner reinforcement of knowledge, I can really recommend it to everyone.

Nóra Gáspárné Fodor

Social worker

What I really liked about the course is that it’s not the traditional language learning, it’s completely new. I love trying out new things, so I really enjoyed the fact that I schedule my lessons the way I want it. The drawing part of the lesson was a challenge for me, but it was a very exciting and interesting experience. It gave me an extra feeling of success.

Molnár Levente

I successfully completed the first level. It went much better than I expected. I am very satisfied! I am happy that I chose this method than traditional ones. I am looking forward to continue my language studies with Kerry!

Vígh Aranka

Unfortunately, I have always struggled with studying languages, so expanding my knowledge with Kerry was an amazing decision. Finally, I feel that I am able to speak English in correct sentences. Moreover, my English grammar is getting better day by day! Of course I am still far from perfect, but surely continue my studies with Kerry! Thank you!

László-Nyulas Magda

Hello! I am Krisztina and I have been living in Switzerland for 10 months. One of my goals is to learn German. I am not a big fan of learning. My friends recommended Kerry, where you can learn languages in faster pace. What I really enjoy about the lessons is that you do not have to study in a huge group! I started Level A1 and already finished 8 lessons. I can describe it like – it really works without studying that hard. Whenever I had an online course, I thought I couldn’t remember anything and I couldn’t translate the German text. When I read it again, I realized that this was not the case. I was able to understood 80% of the written text! In addition, when they talk to me in German, I am getting to understand more and more things. This school was a great choice for me! I don’t prefer sitting down to study or cramming words. You don’t even notice what you’re learning here, you just see that you understand more and more everyday. I can only recommend it to people who are thinking the way I do!

Juga Krisztina

27, Zürich


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