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Learn languages with lasting efficiency

Did you know that your left and right brain work together when you’re learning a new language? Kerry Language Center’s innovative method is based on the latest studies discovered by scientific research, dramatically facilitating the language learning process. Neuroscience confirms that our left brain is responsible for pure language learning, which includes forming, combining and analyzing words. On the other hand, our right brain works like an audio center; it interprets sound samples and is also responsible for correct speech.

How does the relax-your-mind method work using the Kerry Braintrainer?

The Kerry Braintrainer is the main component of our method, which we also actively use during the Relax-Your-Mind sessions. It is based on a form of upper body-oriented electrical and audio-visual stimulation (CES). It stimulates your left and right brain at the same time, greatly facilitating the language learning process.

At the same time, CES also stimulates the hormones responsible for pleasant feelings and happiness (endorphin and serotonin): during the program you will feel deep relaxation and learn in a state of near-sleep.

A jobb és a bal agyfélteke

Short-term and long-term memory

Rövid és hosszútávú memória

Traditional learning happens mostly with the use of the left brain. Its disadvantage is that the material we have learned is usually stored in our short-term memory, and thus it is easily forgotten. By stimulating both the left and right brain, with the Kerry method the material we learn is immediately stored in the long-term memory as well.

And what is the result?

Without memorization and endless homework you will be able to improve your foreign language skills after just one session, while being completely relaxed and, most of all, stress-free.

Speaking foreign languages can not only help your personal development, but it can also give your career a huge boost. We will help you learn the language of your choice in a relaxed way so that you can even find joy in the learning process.

We look forward to seeing you at our free Info Evening!

Kerry Language, visszajelzés, Gáspárné Fodor Nóra

This type of learning was a very new and special experience for me; I didn't worry or feel anxious during classes. It was a soothing learning experience, similar to relaxation. For me, it's an internal reinforcement of my knowledge, and I can really recommend it to everyone.

Nóra Gáspárné Fodor //  Social worker

Kerry Language, visszajelzés, Molnár Levente

What I really liked about the course is that it’s not traditional language learning, it’s something completely new. I love trying out new things. I really enjoyed the fact that I could schedule my classes the way I wanted to. The drawing part of the braintrainer sessions was a challenge for me, but it was a very exciting and interesting experience. It gave me an extra feeling of success.

Levente Molnár 

Kerry Language, visszajelzés, Vígh Aranka

I successfully completed the first level. It went much better than I’d expected. I am very satisfied! I am happy that I chose this method instead of traditional ones. I am looking forward to continuing my language studies with Kerry!

Aranka Vígh