Ice skating & mulled wine

Korcsolyázás + forralt borozás, Kerry kirándulás
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We, the team of Kerry Alternative Language Center, regularly organize trips in Switzerland, about once a month, to which we warmly welcome everyone regardless of age, gender, spoken language, or Kerry learner status.

Hike: Ice skating & mulled wine

Date: December 17, 2023, Sunday

Meeting point: 11 a.m., Stadt Illnau-Effretikon, Sportzentrum

Hiking time: 2-4 hours, depending on the mood

Distance: many rounds, to be measured later

Difficulty: easy, but it becomes difficult if we chase each other 

Route: front of the ice rink - right side - back - left side, and repeat

Korcsolyázás + forralt borozás, Kerry kirándulás

The Kerry Language School is going ice skating, and we warmly welcome everyone who enjoys this winter sport / relaxation / entertainment.

The level of ice skating skill doesn't matter; we are all beginners / always restarting.

And we'll top it off with mulled wine at the Kerry center, close to the ice rink.

Arrival point: Exactly centimeters away from the starting point.

Everything you need to know about ice skate prices and rental
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