Hike Frauenfeld – Tobel, Jakobsweg, Klosterweg

Kirándulás Frauenfeld – Tobel, Jakonbsweg, Klosterweg
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We, the team of Kerry Alternative Language Center, regularly organize trips in Switzerland, about once a month, to which we warmly welcome everyone regardless of age, gender, spoken language, or Kerry learner status.

Hike: Frauenfeld – Tobel, Jakonbsweg, Klosterweg

Date: November 19, 2023, Sunday

Meeting point: 10:45 AM (departure at 11 AM) at Frauenfeld train station

Hiking time: 5 hours

Distance: 17.1 km, ascent: 432 m, descent: 313 m

Difficulty: moderate

Route: Frauenfeld - Neuhuuse - Egg - Waldegg - Dingehart - Chöll - Sunebärg - Kalthäusern - Lommis - Schloss Lommis - Tobel

The section from Frauenfeld to Tobel is part of the Thurgau Monastery Trail, which will lead us from Blumberg to Tobel. We are on the Swiss Jakobsweg (Jacob's Path).

Today's stage will take us a distance of 17.1 km with an estimated walking time of about 5.0 hours from Frauenfeld to Tobel.

We begin the hike at Frauenfeld train station and follow Bahnhofstrasse until we turn onto Mühletobelstrasse. We follow the signposted paths and ascend to Stäälibuck, whose summit we reach after approximately 4.0 km. The path continues over fields, through forests, and past small villages.

After about 8.5 km, we reach Sonnenberg Castle, the highest point of the stage at 647 meters above sea level. We descend and follow the course of the Lauche stream until we turn towards Lommis. We reach Lommis after about 13.5 km and promptly leave the village in an eastern direction.

After another 2.0 km, we arrive in Tobel. The route today takes us over asphalt and natural paths.

Today, we pass by the following points of interest: Stäalibuck Tower, Sonnenberg Castle, and the Jakobus Church in Lommis.

Endpoint: Tobel TG, Käsereistrasse 1, 9555 Tobel TG

Kirándulás Frauenfeld – Tobel, Jakonbsweg, Klosterweg
Kirándulás Frauenfeld – Tobel, Jakonbsweg, Klosterweg
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