Kerry Discovery 

The Discovery Package
of Kerry Alternative Language School

Do you need to speak a foreign language?

If you live in a country where you don't speak the language well, you are at a disadvantage. Just think about work. You can miss a lot of opportunities if you are not selected for a job because your language skills are not good enough.

But language skills can also be beneficial in our everyday life, whether it's in a relationship, learning, shopping, or other everyday situations. If you have a good command of the language, the world opens up to you.

We know what it takes to improve in a language within a short time and through a pleasant learning process. You already know more than you think you do! 

We will prepare you to communicate in real-life situations. We have been living in Switzerland for many years and we teach those who are willing to engage and explore new ways of learning. Join us on this great adventure!

We know it's not easy

If you're not confident, if you don't know what to look for, and if you haven't learned properly, speaking a foreign language can be a challenge. However, your options are limited. Mastering and applying a language well can make you successful in many areas of life. The main problem is that many people give up.

Kerry Discovery package

Kerry Discovery is a discovery package that allows you to explore the world without making a serious commitment:

  • Experience the Kerry Brain Trainer.
  • Overcome initial difficulties and glimpse new horizons before you.
  • Discover a method that goes far beyond traditional language learning.
  • Get to know us, as we personally attend to each student.
  • Find solutions to the linguistic challenges of a specific situation in your life.

What's included in this package?

The Kerry Discovery package is designed to not only introduce you to the method, but also help you learn immediately and find a solution to a current language problem.

Kerry Discovery - Felfedező csomag nyelvtanuláshoz

In your first harmony lesson, we will use the Kerry Brain Trainer device to coordinate the two brain hemispheres. You will experience a relaxed but alert mental state in which learning speed is orders of magnitude higher than conventional learning.


During the online lessons, we work with you face to face. Here you can tell us your specific language problem that you want to solve so that we can work on the material you need and focus on the areas you need.


The program is completed with another BrainTrainer session.

This will help you consolidate the acquired knowledge so that we can strengthen both your language skills and your confidence in being able to use the language.

The harmony lessons require personal presence and can take place at any of our nearest locations.

How does the Kerry Braintrainer work?

The kerry method

The Kerry Braintrainer is the main component of our learning method, which we actively use in the Relax-Your-Mind sessions as well. It is a scientifically grounded progressive mental system designed for multisensory learning. It is based on upper-body-oriented electro and audiovisual stimulation (CES). It simultaneously stimulates the right and left hemispheres of the brain, greatly facilitating language acquisition. The CES also stimulates the hormones responsible for pleasant feelings and happiness (endorphins and serotonin). During the program, you will experience deep relaxation and learn in a state close to sleep.

Traditional learning happens mostly with the use of the left brain. Its disadvantage is that the material we have learned is usually stored in our short-term memory, and thus it is easily forgotten. 

By stimulating both the left and right brain, with the Kerry method the material we learn is immediately stored in the long-term memory as well. 

And what is the result? Without memorization and endless homework you will be able to improve your foreign language skills after just one session, while being completely relaxed and, most of all, stress-free.

Start learning a language now!

Which one do you choose?




  • First harmony session
  • 3 online activation classes
  • SECOND harmony session


What is the difference between the two price packages?

For packages sold at a higher price, you can meet us in person before you buy, and we can discuss your goals before you make your decision.
For the lower priced package, we will only meet you after the purchase.

What happens if I buy the package?

We will contact you to arrange your first harmony lesson.

How long does this programme take?

For maximum effectiveness, you should attend the two harmony lessons and the three online lessons in one week.

How many face-to-face meetings are required during the programme?

The two harmony lessons are only available in person. The three lessons are online.