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Kerry Complementary

The Kerry Alternative Language School

Stuck in language learning?

Language learning can progress according to a specific curriculum. You can follow a well-structured program that covers everything you need to learn the language properly.
But what if that's not what you need?
What if you keep studying and studying but feel like you're not making progress?

In 90% of cases, the problem lies in the misalignment between your learning and your goals.

  • Why learn basic conversational formulas when you need to write a thesis?
  • Why memorize words if you can't even speak?
  • How can you pass an exam if it has nothing to do with the language material?

There is a solution

The Kerry Complementary program is specifically designed for people facing similar challenges. And not only will you gain the knowledge you need from us, but thanks to the Kerry Braintrainer, you can accelerate the learning process many times over.

Kerry Complementary

The Kerry Complementary program is a fully tailored four-week language program designed specifically for you, where...

  • You can address your own language problems with a specific focus.
  • You can experience the benefits provided by the Kerry Braintrainer.
  • You can explore a learning process that goes far beyond the methods of traditional language classes.
  • You can get to know us, as we personally engage with every student.
  • You can find a solution to the linguistic challenges of a specific real-life situation.

What do you get in this program?

The Kerry Complementary program lasts for four weeks (but if you wish, the progress can be expedited). In this learning process, we combine the power of traditional teacher-led private lessons with the efficiency of the brain trainer.

Kerry Complementary
Four Relax Your Mind sessions

During the Relax-Your-Mind sessions, with the help of the Kerry Braintrainer machine, we synchronize the functioning of your two brain hemispheres. You can experience a relaxed but alert state that opens up both hemispheres and ensures the transformation of the material learned during the online classes into lasting knowledge.

FOUR online teacher-led classes

During the online classes, we provide personalized attention to you. Here, we specifically address the task that is important and needs to be solved by you, so we cover the material with you in a targeted manner. You get what you need.

Study materials, assignments, exercises

We provide you with exercises and tasks that will further strengthen your knowledge. The quantity and topics of the assigned tasks will be tailored to you.

Optional themes

Below are some typical topics where we can assist you, but we can also help in different situations. We will discuss this with you before starting the learning process.

  • Grammar practice, improvement
  • "Dare to speak!"
  • Conversation development: introduction, interviews, making acquaintances, etc.
  • Preparation for exams
  • Business language
  • Travel

How does the Kerry Braintrainer work?

the Kerry method

The Kerry Braintrainer is the main component of our learning method, which we actively use in the Relax-Your-Mind sessions as well. It is a scientifically grounded progressive mental system designed for multisensory learning. It is based on upper-body-oriented electro and audiovisual stimulation (CES). It simultaneously stimulates the right and left hemispheres of the brain, greatly facilitating language acquisition. The CES also stimulates the hormones responsible for pleasant feelings and happiness (endorphins and serotonin). During the program, you will experience deep relaxation and learn in a state close to sleep.

Traditional learning happens mostly with the use of the left brain. Its disadvantage is that the material we have learned is usually stored in our short-term memory, and thus it is easily forgotten. 

By stimulating both the left and right brain, with the Kerry method the material we learn is immediately stored in the long-term memory as well. 

And what is the result? Without memorization and endless homework you will be able to improve your foreign language skills after just one session, while being completely relaxed and, most of all, stress-free.

Start learning a language now!

Apply NOW for the program

The four-week program includes the following:

  • Four Relax Your Mind sessions
  • 16 online teacher-led classes (4 times a week)
  • Study materials, assignments, exercises

Program fee:

CHF 1.390

After you apply, we will contact you to discuss the topics and schedule.


What happens when I APPLY FOR THE PROGRAM?

We will get in touch with you, discuss your goals and schedules, and once the tuition fee is paid, we can start the learning right away.

How long does this program take?

The program is designed for four weeks, but if you prefer, you can complete it in less than two weeks.

How can I pay?

You can pay by bank transfer, credit card, or in cash if you appear in person.