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Curious about your level of German proficiency? By taking our free test, you can assess your knowledge.

How does the test work?

To save time on the test, start by selecting the difficulty level you feel comfortable with.

Each test set consists of 35 questions. There is some overlap between the three different difficulty levels, so if you take multiple levels, you will encounter some of the same questions.

You can navigate back and forth during the test. If a question is too difficult, don't guess, choose the "Skip this question" option. We will send your results to you via email. If you provide your phone number (which is optional), our language instructors will be happy to assist you over the phone in determining how to improve your language skills.

Basic level

If you feel you are at the beginning of your language learning journey, this is our test containing the easiest questions.

Intermediate level

If you already have a grasp of the basics, choose this test. 

Advanced level

If you are at a higher level, we recommend our advanced test.

If you need assistance, please contact us!